The 2012-13 NFL Season in GIF Glory

The following is a recap and tribute to the 2012-13 NFL season in all its GIF glory. Time to break it down:


It started off with Bounty-Gate and the Saints getting screwed:

Saints screwed

By this clown, who made nearly 30 million last year:


The replacement refs lived up to the hype:


Brandon Weedon goes America all over everybody’s asses:


Vince Wilfork needs a sandwich:

vince fumble

Jim Harbaugh contracts rabies:

jim rabies

Jerry Jones owns your soul:

jerry jones

Danny Amendola tries to euthanize grandpa:

amendola old man

Big Ben and Michael Vick pay for their past transgressions:



J.J. Watt becomes the new Dikembe:

jj swat

RG3’s legs make the Redskins relevant again:


But that doesn’t last too long:


Alex Smith refuses to take off his helmet:

smith helmet

When that fails, he tries to drug usurper Rookie Colin Kaepernick’s helmet:

Smith Poo Helmet

Hey diddle-diddle, Ray Rice up the middle:

Ray Rice

Megatron breaks Jerry Rice’s single-season receiving yards record:

CJ record

Adrian Peterson proves that stem-cell research is worth it:

AP stem cell

The bum-fumble that sums up the entire Jets’ season and the end of the Sanchize:

sanchez butt-slam

Tebro didn’t fare much better:


Peyton during the regular season:

Peyton before playoffs

Peyton in the post-season

Peyton during playoffs

Wouldn’t you be too, losing to this mustached man-child:

Gun slinger Flacco

Colin Kaepernick wants everyone to know that he works out:

Colin K

Ray Lewis emotionally craps his pants during the National Anthem:

Ray-Lewis emo

While Gronkowski nearly re-re-breaks his arm aggressively bro-dancing:

Gronk DanceTom Brady was less-than-pleased:

brady bitches

Thankfully there was some Beyonce:


Which caused all of New Orleans to collectively blackout:


And when everyone came to, there was this:


Even though everyone is still talking about this:


Is it draft day yet?


Giving him the Business:

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