Quote of the Week: James Harrison

AP Photo/Don Wright

James Harrison is one mean dude. On the field, his hits have earned him a reputation as a dirty, hard-nosed player that is just as satisfied stopping a play as laying someone out cold. Off the field, he’s a notorious trash talker, famous for tweeting exactly how he feels, unconcerned with whom he offends. Both his on-the-field and off-the-field antics have earned him numerous financial penalties from the NFL and Roger Goodell and James is not a happy camper.

So when his rants were recently published in an issue of Men’s Journal ranging from thoughts about fellow team mates (Ben Roethlisraper), NFL rule changes for linebackers and his thoughts on Roger Goodell, this comment really made headlines:

“My rep is James Harrison, mean son of a bitch who loves hitting the hell out of                    people,” he says. “But up until last year, there was no word of me being dirty — till             Roger Goodell, who’s a crook and a puppet, said I was the dirtiest player in the                   league. If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do             it. I hate him and will never respect him.”

While this kind of talk isn’t helpful to the lifting the lockout (cross your fingers folks!), I applaud the directness and will give credit to an angry wordsmith. Guy speaks his mind, and is calling out the NFL for many contradictory new rules and regulations (like proposing an 18 game injury prone season, but cracking down on concussion rules) that really do target defenders specifically. He is also knocking the NFL down a peg, and calling them out as the profiteers that they are.

That said, if I was Roger Goodell, I wouldn’t attend any James Harrison family cookouts any time soon. Do you think he visualizes Roger Goodell in place of the offensive players he puts hits on (Waterboy Style)?:

Water SUCKS, Gatorade is BETTER! Hell Goodell even looks a little like Henry Winkler: