Roll Tide

By B-Kurtis

This is some pretty messed up stuff.  No, I’m not talking about how Troy Davis was in a group that was assaulting a homeless man in the first place.  I’m talking about how he was just executed (click for NYtimes article).

The death penalty is extremely problematic.  I’m pretty sure if I knew someone who had killed a relative, I would want that person dead.  And so, since the state won’t let me do it, they should take care of it. That would be the logic of someone who doesn’t think about anyone but themselves, and has trouble thinking about political economy.  Counterargument: Government is prone to corruption when there are not enough checks on its power.  Blah blah blah. Nobody cares.

Most people are just going to believe what their parents believed.  Do not let the state kill people is what I’ll tell my kids.  That’s as much as I can do about racism in the south.  Although, maybe things are changing because of twitter….

… (Troy Davis was executed at 11:08 pm last night)


Let’s get to football.

I just watched the Bears game shortcuts via DirectTV, and it was really hard to watch.  The Bears D is great.  But they get tired.  Because our quarterback does not wear Uggs. Without those Uggs, Jay “Diabetes” Cutler himself doesn’t think he’ll last the ’11 season (click for ESPN article).

Here is a recent conversation I heard between Jay Cutler and Brian Urlacher:

Brian: “Please wear Uggs.  I’m not going to my mother’s funeral if you don’t.  We need to win.”

Jay: “No, Brian.  I will not wear Uggs.  That said, I was very sorry to hear about your mother’s passing, and I hope the funeral helps you reflect on what I hope was a life as great as her son’s achievements.”

Brian: “I hate you, Jay!”

Jay: “You don’t mean that.”

Brian: “You’re right.  I’m sorry.”

–They hugg it out –

Lovie Smith enters with a shit-eating grin: “How about that Ryan Fitzpatrick!”

–Lovie trips over himself and falls onto Mike Martz who accidentally pushes Mike Tice over a cliff –

No one cares, because Mike Tice is a terrible O-line coach, and probably is continuing to be a corrupt ticket scalper.  Worthless.  He should be executed.

I said to my son.

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Watch the Throne: “Sophisticated ignorance, I write my curses in cursive”

The Bears are going deep into the playoffs and Jay Cutler will win the MVP. Crazy right? Yeah well the new Kanye/Jay-Z is that good (I don’t care what y’all been saying). B-Curtis, wrote a few days ago in Bears Market of the overwhelming fear that just like Kanye and his Pitchfork-proclaimed-opus, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, the Bears best days were behind them. Well I was inclined to agree, then this happened:

Kanye you did it again. So yeah, if the metaphor holds up, Jay Cutler for MVP (I’ve been given 20-1 odds and by B-Curtis and I think I’ll take them). Chi-town stand up.

Watch the Throne made me rethink of what Kanye is capable of. Just put him with (one of) the best rappers alive, throw in some soul singers, and add a little OF (for the kids, Kanye, for the kids) and he. kills. it. Two of the best just trading bars talking about their SWAG (like in Otis).

You can tell me the new Strokes sucked and I’ll bite my tongue, but not this one. Haters gone hate and both Jay and Kanye welcome it (like in Who gone stop me). But this is the creme de la creme, kid.

Well…Pitchfork isn’t that impressed but then again that’s probably because anyone with half a brain would like this album and somehow that makes it “lack integrity”. I know this has nothing to do with sports but sometimes I get bored….so…hipster dinosaurs what?:

Well, Listen to Watch the Throne and tell me if you agree. If not, “ixnay on my ickday. That’s pig latin, itchbay”.

Bears Market

By B-Kurtis

Going into preseason, a lot of Bears fans are thinking that we are going to be like the new Kanye: not as good as last year’s version (although you be the judge: Watch the Throne). There is this feeling that we are a fluke. No one wants another 808s and Heart Break.

Last year, our superior defensive play from our linebackers and Julius Salt N’ Peppas (why does nobody call him that?!?) was able to compensate for an abysmal O-line, an erratic QB, and  a dearth of talented receivers.  However, we did not address any of our issues and our injury-prone defensive stars got a year older.

Calm down everyone: Mike Martz is “giddy” about Cutler’s feet.  No comment. (where I gamble) has the Giants at 9.5, the Eagles at 10.5, Dallas at 9, the Bucs at 8, the Saints at 10, the Falcons at 10, the Vikings at 7 games, the Packers at 11.5, the Lions at 8, and the Bears at 8.5, of the teams that could make the playoffs excluding the NFC West.

Place your bets on the Bears everyone.  But on the over or the under?

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