Irish Dance Off

After leaving TD Bank Garden following a Dropkick Murphy’s show during St. Patty’s weekend, I came across a large crowd watching one of the whitest dance-offs you will ever see. This isn’t your traditional river-dance, and yes, you do dance better when you’re drunk (audio is loud so turn down your volume):

Once the dude rips off the shirt, he goes straight into his Gronkowski dance:

Oh Boston…


Fantasy Focus: Baseball buy-lows, Josh Reddick

I was absolutely pissed when Jacoby Ellsbury was taken one draft pick ahead of me, and I only had myself to blame. I knew he’d be a super-stud this year, and should have locked him up the way I did Agonz. My outfield is pretty weak and with G. Sizemore forgetting how to play ball (or heal for that matter), I took a chance on a “role player” who comes out to the plate with bagpipes blaring. Dropkick Murphy’s really are a good judge of character.

His name is Josh Reddick, and this guy is legit. He’s barely owned in any leagues, but the guy IS the Red Sox answer to right field (now and for seasons to come). While his role as a permanent starter is still somewhat in question (although Francona says he is the starter now), it’s hard to argue with his success.

He’s way more Jacoby than Drew, and grinds out every game, beats out plays and lays-the-f-out on everything (Stout?). Just watch this “Reddickulous” home-run-robbing catch. Even Jacobs was impressed:

Reddick is a great fielder (obviously) and beats Drew in the defense department. Would JD have spiderman-ed the catch or just morosely watched it sail into the stands? Would he have even been bothered that the game was lost? Probably not. I find myself asking: JD WHO?

Pretty Swings but you still gotta make contact with the ball...

As for offense, sure JD has a “beautiful” swing–when he strikes out on 1-2-3 fastballs. I think the guy was hitting under .240 before he “went on the DL,” aka he got put out to pasture. ┬áBy comparison, Reddick has put up these numbers since being called up to the Majors on June 18th: .316 BA, 8 doubles, 3 triples, 5 home runs, 19 RBI, and 23 runs. I know it’s a small sample size (the guys seen just over 90 at-bats), but he’s demonstrated consistent power and average. There was a reason the Sox didn’t enter the Beltran/Pence right field sweepstakes. They had a low cost alternative with huge potential reward.

Jacoby came up as an answer to a Coco Crisp injury and the sox haven’t looked back since. I knew, watching Jacoby wreck havoc on the Angels in the 2008 post season, that this guy was a franchise player. Now when I watch Reddick’s plate appearances I think the same thing. Get this guy on your team.

Other Fantasy Baseball Buy-lows:

Brett Lawrie (Toronto’s top prospect) — He’s rising though, so get him quick. Hit a grand slam a few days ago and seems pumped up to play for his native team.

Alfredo Aceves (SP/RP Boston) — He’s got 8 wins this year and a save. He’s now a closer/helper when wake or a young guy pitches, but he has saved my ass many a week. He’s a gunslinger for hire. A ronin rolling through late innings and stealing a win.

Javvy Guerra (closer-LAD) — In some leagues this guy is owned by more than 50%, in others, less than 20%. I picked him up way back because everyone in the LAD bullpen was on the DL. Since then he’s done far exceeded expectations: 2-0 for wins and 10/10 in save opportunities. When Broxton comes back, LAD will have some decisions to make. Future or present? Young guns are rising up (as is the closer game).