Oh the Lin-Sanity

LinsanityWhen Yao Ming retired from the NBA, China’s influence among the sport of Basketball began to wane substantially. That was, until Lin-sanity swept the league. Now everyone is talking about the former Harvard Star and Taiwanese native, who has carried the previously slumping New York Knicks to four straight wins with him starting at point guard.

The question everyone is asking is “can he keep this up?” Will Lin be able to put up these gaudy numbers on a nightly basis? Will he be able to adjust to the return of superstar Knick teammates Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony? Well after watching him drop 38 points on the Lakers (and burning Kobe) at Madison Square Garden the other night, I gotta say, Lin can ball. Just watch this replay:

好球!Great field vision, silky-smooth jumper and the guy can move on the court. Sure he’s no Rajon Rondo, but it’s nice to finally see a guard representing China ball. But how did Jeremy get from being cut by other NBA backup squads, to starting for the Knicks? Here’s the story of Lin’s unexpected rise into the NBA.

The Legend of Lin

Jeremy Shu-How Lin or 林書豪 (Lín Shūháo) was born on August 23, 1988. Lin grew up playing basketbal in Northern California. In his 2005-06 senior year, Lin captained Palo Alto High School to a 32–1 record and upset nationally ranked Mater Dei, 51–47, for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Division II state title.He was named first-team All-State and Northern California Division II Player of the Year ending his senior year averaging 15.1 points, 7.1 assists, 6.2 rebounds and 5.0 steals.

After receiving no athletic scholarship offers out of high school and being undrafted out of college, the Harvard University graduate reached a partially guaranteed contract deal with his hometown Golden State Warriors.

But stuck in one of the NBA’s best back courts sharing time with superstar guards like Stephen Curry and Monta Ellis, Lin’s chances to play were all but gone unless facing some garbage time at the end of games. Coaches tried to boost Lin’s confidence, creating a rule that “he could not be fouled in practice” so as to boost his confidence and “swagger”. It didn’t work out well and soon Lin was a free agent following the 2011 lockout.

The Knicks claimed Lin off of waivers in December of 2011, as a backup guard. Little attention was paid to Lin as super star players Stoudemire and Anthony dominated Knicks headlines. But then when the Knicks began losing (yay!) and Carmelo and Stoudemire imploded on their teams, it was time for a fresh breath of air on the court. Lin, not one to waste a golden opportunity, picked up the ball and ran with it. Since then he hasn’t looked back. Now he’s on the cover of ESPN, the talk of the twitter community and has been accepted as New York’s favorite son. Everyone loves an underdog story.

Time will tell if he can keep it up, but from this die-hard Celtic fan, I gotta say, ”加油,Jeremy”. Sometimes the best ballers are right under your nose, warming the bench, waiting for their chance to shine. Shine on, 朋友 and bring excitement and enthusiasm back to Chinese fans. With each win, the Lin-sanity grows.


Giving him the Business: mosaicHUB.com

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So fellow Sports Fiends, give it a look, and if you are so entrepreneurially inclined, join, create a profile and start marketing yourself. I’ve actually created a HubGroup called “Sports Fiends” just waiting for you to join.

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I hope to see some of you fiends in the mosaicHUB community. And don’t worry…now that the launch is done I’ll actually have time to blog about…you know…actual sports. Go Celts!



The Legend of Drew Brees

Drew Brees eats thunder and sh*ts lightning. His mere existence is a reminder of how much the rest of us fail. If he and Chuck Norris were to brawl, life would mimic that of high school: a ginger getting beat up by a football jock. Simply put, Drew Breesus is wicked good at QB, kid.

He should be this year’s MVP. Is anyone better? As a Boston-area commercial would say: “I doubt it”. Listen, Brady’s my boy, and Rodgers along with rookie sensation Cam Newton are the future of the passing game. But 5,087 yards. In 15 games. Over 5,400 in a full season, plus setting TE and Offensive yards/pts records. To paraphrase Mr. Chad Ochocinco “That’s some Madden sh*t”.

Sorry Dan. You at least deserved a Superbowl ring or two. When you pull yourself out of that bottle, remember: you were in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective…so that counts for something, right? I’ve still got your Jersey! Laces out, Dan.

To be honest, it was never a fair fight. Football nowadays is all about the passing game (and two other QBs still have a shot at breaking the Dan Marino former record this year). Guys just slang it more, and the league has made it much easier on offenses, including WRs and QBs. Throwing for 300+ yards a game is merely expected of most top tier Quarterbacks.

But Drew Brees is in a different class. He throws as well in the pocket as Tom Brady. He throws out of the pocket, on the run or against the sack better than Cam Newton and Aaron Rodgers. His eyes are always downfield, even when he’s shaking guys that are 100 lbs. heavier than him off his shoulders or chomping at his ankles. Put all that together and he’ll chew you up like he did the Giants Defense (the single best performance of a QB EVER):

What a BOSS. If you’re a defender, this is the guy that keeps you up at nights and appears in your nightmares like Freddy. As you helplessly watch, he’ll carve you up…mainly because Breezy completes more than 70% of his passes (record). That number is even higher on 3rd down conversions. So let me add this: aside from being the best passer in and out of the pocket, he is also the most CLUTCH quarterback out there (if I hear one more Denver fan say otherwise, I’m literally going to slap them and tell them God doesn’t exist).

But then there is the most important intangible of any QB: resolve. Announcers call it “mental toughness” but what the hell does that even mean? How many concussions you can take? *John Madden current holds the record*

For me, resolve is about deciding to go out there and make a play when it matters most. You want the ball. You’re calling the bootleg. You know what you are going to do and you execute it. Like the Honey Badger, you take what you want.

So I ask you. Final drive to win the game. Who do you want at the helm? Brady? Rodgers? or Brees? My Patriots loyalty precludes me from answering my own question, but I think we all know the answer.

So if you didn’t see the record setting performance, here are the highlights. As you’ll see, the last pass of the game, and the one that broke the Marino mark, was of course, a needle-threading touchdown pass to the smallest guy on the team, Darren Sproles. Did I mention that Sproles was also cut by the Chargers? That last one must have felt REAL good for the two former San Diegans (whale’s vajayjay?):

And in the locker room following his record setting performance, while Sean Payton gave his speech, what was Drew Brees doing? Why he was down on one knee, head tucked to his arms (I believe that’s called Tebowing, no?) and saying prayers and giving thanks. He stood up to a raucus cheer and did something truly impressive: he thanked his team. He thanked everyone from the coaches and wide receivers, to the defense and the “ball warmers”:

The guy is a Saint in both senses of the word. He eats humble pie and washes is down with a glass of gratitude. He has numerous charities and foundations in his name and is an active voice in the New Orleans community.

He did however, neglect to mention the guy upstairs, Jesus or Divine Luck in his speech. No, he thanked a hard-working team, staff and crew. He acknowledged those around him for their sacrifice and belief in Drew Breesus and the Organization. Doing anything otherwise would belittle those that helped him achieve this feat *cough cough* Tim Tebow.

Humble Beginnings:

Brees has been told his whole life “don’t quit your day job”. He’s been called everything from “too short” to “not physical enough”. He was laughed at in the combine. So he shrugged it off and became starting QB for the Chargers (and posted very good numbers).

But then the Chargers cut him, in lieu of Mr. Phillip “Fumblitis” Rivers, who even with years of superior wideouts, runnings back (2003-2007 LT anyone?) and great defenses could never make it out of the AFC playoffs. Breezy said f**k it and turned to a city deserving of his talents (and loyalty). San Diego fans, I know this piece hurts, but the truth usually does.

Brees supposedly fell in love with New Orleans post Katrina, wanted to make it his home and aid in the rebuilding process. The city owes him a huge debt of gratitude, but should also be commended for giving at scrappy 5 foot 11 dude a shot at redemption. As it turned out it was a match made in Heaven. A city hungry for a championship, and a QB with a chip on his shoulder and a long line of haters to prove wrong.

Drew’s impact was immediate. In a season the “Aints” blossomed into a juggernaut offense, and “who dats” reverberated throughout Louisiana. Winning seasons begat playoff runs and soon the Saints were contenders. Over time, the Superdome went from a symbol of tragedy and loss to one of hope and inspiration (Thanks again, BP for taking that away from the Gulf). The Franchise had a new face, this one with a huge scar (birthmark) on his right cheek.

Then came arguably one of the most entertaining Super Bowl wins I have ever witnessed (I mean who onside kicks to start the second half?). No one inside the New Orleans city limits is quite sure what happened after Brees hoisted the trophy, but days later as hangovers ravaged the city, citizens could faintly make out a scar-faced man in a number 9 jersey driving a float down through the Quarter. Was it a mirage or was it a vision of more to come?

As the NFC playoff picture becomes clearer, I keep asking myself the same question: “Who dat gonna beat dem Saints?” In case you haven’t figured it out, it’s rhetorical, dumbass. Geaux Saints!

Editor’s note: I’m calling a Saints-Patriots Superbowl this year. As a Pats fan, it’s tough giving the Pats an advantage.

The Meek Shall Inherit the Turf?

-By Eleanor Cameron

I’m not a football expert, nor am I a doctor. I know we covered Tebow in our last post, All He Does is Win, but we all knew that “Tebowtime” was fleeting. Thus, I’m going to go ahead and call this one- Tebowmania is dead.

Finally. I mean Even Jesus was getting sick of the act:

Not that it wasn’t entertaining while it lasted. The Tebowing tumblr is pretty hilarious, and gave people an entertaining pose to use for their holiday pictures. Not to mention that it’s probably a lot easier than planking, unless, of course, you decide to Tebow underwater.

Because Jesus loves me. And because underwater, no one can tell how slowly I release the ball.

But entertainment value aside, Tebow has never really been worth talking about as a quarterback. And yet, before the Patriots absolutely destroyed the Broncos for Tebow’s first loss as a starting quarterback, people were actually discussing whether it was crazy to consider Tim Tebow for the MVP.

YES. The answer is yes. If you are thinking that Tim Tebow should be MVP, then I hate to break it to you but you are a CRAZY PERSON. Seriously, stop listening to the voices. I know they’re convincing and all, but they’re not telling you the truth.

Let’s look at the stats for a moment, shall we? Tebow’s completion percentage is 48%, the worst of any quarterback currently in the NFL. His yards/game is 128, also the worst in the NFL. His yards/attempt rank is a little better- 25th out of 34 QBs. He’s thrown half as many interceptions as he has TDs. And before any Denver fans yell at me, I know he runs a lot. Maybe you’ve heard of this guy named Cam Newton. He’s also pretty good at running the football. He also broke Peyton Manning’s single-season rookie passing yards record.

So, really, what was all the Tebow fuss about? In what ESPN has dubbed the “Year of the Quarterback”, and in comparison to superstars like Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Aaron Rodgers, why did we even care about Tebow?

Is it because he’s a devout Christian? I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out to y’all that Breesus is also of the faith. And instead of just kneeling down and praying after he smashes records, he thanks his teammates, coaches, trainers, and equipment managers. He founded a charity, the Brees Dream Foundation, that provides care and opportunities to children in need, especially in Katrina-ravaged New Orleans. He speaks out against anti-gay bullying. Tim Tebow tackles his mother and pressures us to follow his own personal beliefs.

Okay, so maybe people like Tebow because he’s “handsome”? Um, as a woman and a avid football fan, no. Just no. Sorry, but virgins in pimp suits who don’t think to thank their teammates and can’t pass the ball for shit don’t really do it for me.

Don’t cry, Tim. And please stop wearing those suits.

Besides, doesn’t Tom Brady and his (former) glorious mane, supermodel wife, and series of Uggs ads kind of have that whole attractive man as QB thing locked up already?

In short, Tebowmania drove me crazy. And okay, Denver fans, I get it, you were happy to be winning. But you had to know that it wouldn’t last, right?

This is year of excellent quarterbacks. Cam Newton and Drew Brees have already broken records. Brady and Rodgers are killing it in their respective divisions with their high powered offenses. Hell, even Eli Manning and Tony Romo are having decent years, although only one of them will make it to the playoffs. Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford are young guys starting to make serious names for themselves.

So please, as a nation, can we just be over Tim Tebow already? Because I’d like to talk about the guys who really are good at this game- and who don’t give all the credit to the man upstairs.

DJ Steve Porter “All He Does is Win” Tim Tebow Remix

I guess that makes John Elway Judas?

I can only hope that all this “Tebow Time” talk ends Sunday Night after the Pats show Football Jesus what a real team looks like, but I’m sure that last 6 teams the Broncs faced have said the same thing.

It’s Brady Vs. Tebow. Mr. Perfect vs. Mr. Clutch. Pocket Passer vs. Play Action. An Unstoppable Force meets an Immovable Object. I cannot wait for this game.

That being said, I like the legend of Tebow…when he’s not facing my team. Not that religious stuff (although it really does seem like God is on the Broncos side), but the fact that he “shatters the mold” and defies all the haters–mostly by running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Hey, it’s better to be lucky than good, and at the end of the day only thing that counts is the “W”.

So with that being said, I give you DJ Steve Porter’s “All He Does is Win” Tim Tebow Remix. Hallelujerrrr:

The Honey Badger

The Honey Badger doesn’t care. He doesn’t give a sh*t about nothing. Snakes, Birds, Bees, things twice his size, he will hunt, attack and kill like it’s no big deal. Simply put, the honey badger takes what he wants.

Forget the Wolverine, this is the nastiest, most brutal, tenacious little creature on the face of the earth. It was awarded the title as “the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom” by the Guinness book of World Records…and to be honest, it really doesn’t give a sh*t:

Here’s the original National Geographic video on the Honey badger, minus Randall’s fantastic commentary. It’s basically the same thing, but less hilarious:

It’s funny how things tend to sound better in a British accent. It’s the David Attenborough Effect.

But with all National Geographic videos aside, what really does this have to do with football? Well, you impatient jerk, everything down in the dirty south.

Yes, there have been numerous Honey Badger sightings in the deep south, down by Baton Rouge Tiger Stadium. Standing at some 5’9′ and 180 lbs, this vicious animal was last seen snatching the ball out a UF receivers hands, denying the touchdown:

But he don’t care. The Honey Badger takes what he wants.

The Honey Badger is LSU cornerback, Tyrann Mathieu, an all-star freshman who has been steamrolling offenses all season.

After hibernating for a few weeks, the Honey Badger awoke with a hunger for the endzone and a simple credo: “take what you want”. So in the last few weeks, we’ve seen Mathieu make big time plays on both special teams and offense. That’s naasty.

Where ever there is a big play to make, the Honey Badger is making it:

But that’s to be expected from this bad ass mammal. He sees that pigskin you got in your hand and says to himself: “that’s mine, i don’t care” and he just snatches it right up. He epitomizes all the best qualities of the Honey Badger.

This amazing defense play coupled with LSU ascension to #1 in the ranking shas got everyone talking about the feisty cornerback. As a result, LSU fans are going nuts with the Honey Badger (nearly 20 million hits on the first youtube vid), rocking his T-shirts and saying his catch phrases. (Seriously just look on twitter #honeybadger)

If Mathieu continues to produce like this he’s got a legitimate shot at winning  ALL-Defense or even DPY. This is a Darelle Revis like CB, that makes the big plays to win games.

So next time you’re watching the Tigers play, study the Honey Badger in his natural habitat. Watch him as he chews and claws his way through offense after offense. Regardless of the opponent, he don’t care. Honey badger really don’t give a shit.

Just watch him wreck Georgia in last night’s SEC Championship game:

I’ve got a Love that Keeps me Waiting: NBA

A few weeks ago, the prospects of having ANY kind of NBA season seemed slim to none. I’ll admit it, I had given up. I cursed David Stern’s name regularly and began entertaining the idea of becoming a Bruins fan to pass the time.

All I wanted for Christmas was the NBA, but Scrooge McStern and his fellow 1% of the 1%ers had other plans. The Celtics shot at another title appeared lost. Basketball would roll on, but not the NBA:

Then a few days ago I get a text at 7am saying something I figured impossible. Most good news doesn’t come that early but this bolted me outta bed. I hop-stepped over to my laptop and typed in E-S-P ….Hallelujah!!! The NBA was back.

Somehow someway (owners folding mostly) I got my Christmas wish. I was literally as excited as this guy (if you want to hear 5 new tracks from the Black Keys upcoming album “el camino”, click here):

Lets not dwell upon the fact that it will be a truncated season (66 games) or that we should have had 54 days of basketball before the Christmas day triple header tips off.

Lets not dwell on the fact that owners still got more than they should have and that mid-level players are screwed. It’s the NBA. It’s good f**king enough. I’m a lonely boy and I’m sick of waiting.

So gents, we’re back into the swing of things. Start researching players, teams and free agents (it’s gonna get wild real quick), start up a fantasy basketball league (my favorite kind of fantasy league), and most importantly, find some good people, couches and bars with flatscreen tvs to post up at. You’ve waited so long. Be patient. It’s just 24 more days and counting.

In the meantime, watch Lebron James wreck sh*t on the football field and be thankful Kevin Durant didn’t try out for the NFL:

I Only Like Green Faces: Sepp Blatter

Sepp blatter thinks there should be zero tolerance of racism on the soccer field. Off of it however, he’s fine with dropping racial epithets and slurs without facing any punishment.

Welcome to the wide world of sports racism, where business execs and commissioners, to quote Kanye West, “only like green faces”.

Here is the quote that the out-of-touch the Septuagenarian Swiss native has drawn flak for:

“During a match you may say something to someone who’s not looking exactly like you, but at end of match it’s forgotten.”

…Yeah like how well did that work out for Zidane?  Pretty sure it lead to a headbutt:

I mean that’s how you deal with racist assholes. I wish Big Z would show up at Blatter’s doorstep and give him a cranial crack. The guy represents the most diverse sport in the world (200 teams) and yet he thinks he can make amends by hugging a black guy.

The truth of the matter is that racism has no place anywhere in sports. Teams are built to be inclusive, to take the best aspects from a diverse set of individuals and translate it into brilliant displays of athletic prowess. We all bleed the same color, sweat the same color and sacrifice our personal beliefs for the greater good of the team. If you can’t show class on the field, you don’t deserve to be on it. You are role models. You too Sepp!

Then when you factor in his anti-gay statements in relation to the Qatar world cup, the corruption following the Russian and Qatari bids, the payoffs during last world cup, the lack of instant replay and his belittling of women’s world soccer, its obvious this guy has no business in FIFA or sport in general. Just like our favorite person, Mr. David Stern (click here for past post on Top 10 Reasons to Hate David Stern).

Why do you think the NBAPA Union Attorney, Jeffrey Kessler, said “owners are treating players like plantation workers”? Because racism is still alive, they just be concealing it (ok last Kanye line). The disconnect between fans/players and the front office has never been greater.

What what about the NCAA (click for previous post) and their pay to pimp mentality? They make 700 million a year in revenue, but where does that money go…

Into the hands of rich, old white men is the short answer, and these guys care only about one thing: cash money.

The irony of the Sepp Blatter incident is this: he believes players making racist comments should be immediately suspended. He’s actually been leading a campaign to remove racism from the game of football. Yet when he does it, he refuses to step down. I guess Sepp isn’t aware of the phrase “practice what you preach”. #OccupyBlatter

The Pope of Penn State

By Matthew Guba, PSU ’07

I am going to preface this with a bit of background information, so any allegiances are fully disclosed and everything said can be interpreted with that in mind.

I graduated from Penn State in 2007.  My brother graduated from Penn State 5 years earlier.  My mother, uncle, 2 aunts, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc. graduated from Penn State.  When I was a kid I was given a Penn State flag for a Christmas gift.  When I was in grade school I had to write an opinion piece and I chose, “Why Penn State is the greatest college.”  (A bit naive, granted). PSU is in my blood.

With that in mind, when this sexual assault news broke I was shocked.  There were never any rumblings about it before hand and it was completely out of the blue.  The entire thing is completely disgusting, and saddens me to be associated with it in any way shape or form.  The outcry from around the country is completely justified.  But in the end, I’m left with more questions than anything else based on how the university is handling this atrocity (scandal, in my opinion, is not nearly a strong enough a term).

I do fail to make the connection with how focused the hunt is for Joe Paterno.  I will never know what actually happened, or why it happened; no one outside of those involved will for that matter.  Because the outcome for Sandusky is clear (he needs to be jailed for life…honestly, this is a case where I would support the death penalty – he doesn’t deserve our tax dollars to live in prison) I am focusing on the surrounding fallout. I am likely missing something, but my breakdown of the events in as few words as possible is this:

Mike McQueary, a GA in 2002, reports witnessing Sandusky sodomizing a child on the Penn State campus to Joe Paterno.  Joe then proceeds to inform the AD.  Sandusky fired, asked not to associate with the school ever again.

What I surmise from this is that McQuery was following protocol from the university in reporting the incident to Joe Paterno.  Joe was then following protocol in reporting the event to his supervisor, the athletic director.

Just out of curiosity, how has Mike been completely absolved of fault?  He was the witness, and he was the initial person reporting the incident.  if Joe is such a menace for not reporting to the police, why isn’t Mike?  Should they both have reported the incident to the police, absolutely, but what did they have to report?  Maybe there was no proof, maybe McQuery  wasn’t sure exactly what he saw?  Maybe it was just a terrible oversight on the part of many individuals.

Whatever the case, I’m not as quick as the media to go on a witch-hunt for JoePa.  I just don’t have the necessary information to lay blame beyond the fact that Sandusky is one completely f*cked up individual.

I understand why Joe was fired, the school is trying to cut ties as soon as possible, and they can’t tolerate this behavior.  I also don’t fault them for that decision.  But ultimately, isn’t the university as much to blame as those being cut?  Didn’t their procedures cause this to happen in the first place with how they requested Joe handle the news brought to him?

Another issue, if the incident was so disturbing, why the hell is Mike still associated with the university?  If I report a child being raped in 2002, I am not working with an organization that hasn’t properly done anything about it 9 years later.  How does that happen?

I also want to ask you to try putting yourself in Joe’s position.  You have been good friends with, and trusted someone for 30 years.  A student comes to you and reports that this person has committed an act so vile that it is nearly impossible to comprehend your trusted friend doing it.  There HAS to be a level of skepticism there and I’m not sure my first move is to call the cops and report it.  I feel like I would have to evaluate the situation and react in a timely fashion.  In this situation, Joes reaction was probably, “I don’t have the necessary ability to evaluate the situation, that is the AD’s job.”

I don’t think firing the man is a bad decision.  I can justify his actions initially, at least through the logic above.  However, that was 2002.  It is 2011.  During the course of that time, how did Joe not seek to involve the police, or push the individual who would make that call to do so?  If this came to light in 2002, maybe there’s no so much outcry against Joe.  Maybe even if it happened in 2003.  But for it to come to light almost 10 years later, that is a travesty.

He is at fault for taking such a cursory glance at this, but I just do not understand why he is seemingly being singled out.  If the universities stance is that everyone who knew something and did nothing will be removed, then the WR coach, the AD should both be gone.  In my opinion you can’t just place the coach and president as sole scapegoats.  In the end, the man solely responsible is Sandusky.

Then the riots happened.  This is just about the worst thing (in my opinion) that could have subsequently occurred.  The point of contention here appears to be Joes dismissal.  Do I think Joe should have been fired?  Honestly, no (as stated above, I don’t think it was necessarily a bad decision to fire him though).  He didn’t enable Sandusky (as far as I know).  He didn’t try to cover anything up (as far as I know).  He has always supported the school and it’s students in the highest of regards.  When the library is named after you, and donations of millions of dollars to the institution have been made, which millions of students have been privileged to take advantage of, I have to give him the benefit of doubt until I know more.

But PSU school doesn’t have that luxury, they have to cut ties.  However, that does not give students license to destroy the campus in a fury of incivility.  What’s done is done.  You can bitch and moan but it’s not going to change anything.  At this point, the focus has to be using the horrible act as a way to bring attention to child abuse as an issue and try to raise awareness and prevention.  In no way does flipping a news van do anything to make the university or it’s students appear to be making the best out of a messed up situation. Does make for good news coverage though:

I’ll leave with the note that I am glad this didn’t happen even a week earlier, as the final game Joe will coach was the victory that moved him into first place all time for Division I college football wins. The timing is kind of ironic: that last year, the college football coach of the year award was named after him.  Last week he became the winningest coach in college history, and this week he was fired.

Amazing turn of events, especially for a man who over his 61 years of coaching has never had something less than praise from opponents and colleagues.  As always, hindsight is 20/20.  I will never be able to crucify Joe because I’ve seen too much good from him firsthand, and this seems so veiled to me.  At this point I think everyone will have their own opinions, and maybe I would be joining the hunt for JoePas head if I weren’t fortunate enough to have shared in the good he has done.  This is a sentiment I couldn’t fault people for arguing with either.

In the end I know we can agree that this is something which was handled improperly from the outset.  These actions cannot be taken again, and collectively we need to use this as a launchpad to help prevent future occurrences.

MW3 and the End of Mankind

It’s WW3, bitches!

The Mayans might have been right about 2012, however hazy in the details. As another asteroid narrowly misses earth, it’s unlikely that the end of civilization will come from above. Global warming, the GOP and now video games appear to be likely candidates for the end of days.

I can just picture it – 2 months into the future all traces of man and his existence will be wiped clean from society as men take the #occupy movement to a new level. Save for living rooms and musky dens, man will walk the earth no more, staying hidden from direct sunlight and actual human interaction. Video games have just gotten too awesome of late. This is the Gold Age of Gaming.

If you’re a dude, you get it. You will never grow too old for video games, not with this Avatar Technology anyway. None of those stupid motion sensor games, this is for the tried and true 99% of bros. Enter MW3:

Living rooms will be taken over, obscenities will be screamed through headsets and cell phone and pizza bagels will be devoured at an alarming rate. There will be casualties, mainly to your social life and fitness level, but also to your friends and loved ones (unless they play themselves). But it’s worth it, because gentlemen, COD Modern Warface 3 just dropped. Sell your soul for $59.99.

I’ll be honest, Gears of War 3 is the sh*t and was the game I most anticipated this year. But then I remembered what happened when I got MW2 from gamefly last year. I beat the campaign by playing non-stop Sunday, bought xboxlive and held onto that game for 3 months as I became addicted to p0wning people the world over (das es gude, schiesskopf?).

MW2 was like no other game before, including the Halos, Gears, hell, even Goldeneye’s that I used to swear by. Just login and play “a quick one”. Hours later you’ll be hungry and in the dog house because apparently people were trying to talk to you…so they say.

This is my “desert island” game. I could play it until my those pizza bagels finish me off. The multiplayer for MW3 is more expansive than any platform I’ve heard of, with a revamped Killstreak/Pointstreak scoring system that rewards cunning as well as killing:

I have not played battlefield 3 yet, and I’ve heard good-great reviews. But like the last battlefield, it’s an awesome campaign with a limited multiplayer audience. After all, everyone’s gonna be on Gears 3 or MW3, right?

Just take a look at these gameplay videos, SAF! Plus an expanded multiplayer and tons of packs likely to drop in the next week, yeah this game is a self-contained ecosystem. It’s like the kindle fire with track pads (BTW, pre-order your Kindle Fire now lest you have to wait til Christmas, mediafiends).

Then sprinkle in all these trailer commercial promos with Jonah Hill (dude lost some weight huh?) and Sam Worthington (he does almost every male actor voice in FPS/Action video games now and he’s making BANK) and you’ve got brahs everywhere weighing taking a hit to their professional careers for XP, and p0wnage bragging rights. Isn’t that why we have friends? To stomp their asses in fantasy football and vid games? n00bs gotta learn:

The Brahpocalypse is upon us. Men are already disappearing at an alarming rate. Cell phones are going unanswered and after-work plans are falling apart. It’s too late to stop it, so you might as well embrace it. Damn you opposable thumbs! Imagine society if we didn’t have to create smartphones and little trinkets to keep us tapping away…

I guess my point is this. MW3 is Epic. Get it. Got it. Good.

If you’ve got a son, nephew, husband or boyfriend and you want some brownie points, buy them the game. Aside from keeping them out of real world trouble, it will almost assuredly force them to buy you “that thing you always wanted” or at the very least, a ticket to a Broadway show (barf):

If you have an xbox and MW3, my gamertag is earloffsandwich