Georgetown Hoyas-Bayi Rockets (China) Brawl

What a bunch of thugs. That guy's a trainer!

Well in case you guys missed it, a goodwill mission by the Georgetown Hoyas Men’s Basketball team ended in one of the worst displays of sportsmanship I have ever seen, and believe me, it had nothing to do with G-town. I know Chinese fans are pretty bad and get very, very animated, but to quote Sir Charles Barkley, this is “TERRRRRRRRIBLE”:

Apparently the game was out of control from the get go, with Chinese officials giving all the calls to the professional Bayi Rockets, who despite this officiating help, were still losing to the superior Georgetown team. The Rockets were awarded 57 free throw attempts to the Bulldogs 15. Anyone who watches basketball knows that those numbers say it all, unless the Rockets somehow got Dwade, Lebron and Dwight Howard on their team.

As the game progressed, hard fouls, insults and small altercations became common place as frustration grew for the Rockets. Then on a hard foul backcourt foul (who does that anyway unless it’s the final minute of a game?), the Chinese team just lost it. Instead of letting their play do the talking, they let their feet and fists do it. Sheer PANDAmonium!

Now after living in China, I saw first hand the group bully mentality that is partially responsible for social discord. Unfortunately I have seen man people (foreigners and natives) get “stomped” by groups of Chinese thug-wannabes. Guys are pussies to be honest. They’ll never challenge you to a fight straight up. They just talk shit, have someone get a group of their friends and gang-stomp people into a bloody pulp (right young Reezy?).

So when the Rockets teamed up on a singular G-town player and group circle-stomped him, I thought to myself: “stay classy, China”. You CAN’T do that. These aren’t the streets of Beijing, this is a televised event, played by PROFESSIONAL athletes. Clearly they are not professional as homeboy, team manager with the rolex demonstrated in the image above.

They then proceeded to chase the G-town player over to the sidelines, where one player picked up a chair and repeatedly drilled the G-town player, WWF style. This is what happens in an “entertainment-first” society. Young males imitate everything they see. Luckily a fellow teammate came to his rescue, showing these lanky, privileged 小皇帝s (means “little emperors” in Chinese) what a real punch feels like and they escaped to their bench. Side note, put any of the Hoyas one-on-one with a Rockets player and TKO first round.

Talk about taking one on the "Chin".

Fearing for the well being of the team, players, coaching staff and G-town fans, the game was quickly deemed over and G-town hustled to the locker room with the score tied 64-64. Yet on their way out, Chinese fans hurled bottles (some were glass!), debris and insults at the team in what can be described as “mob justice”.

It’s utterly despicable and it really makes the Chinese lose face or 丢脸. The whole point of this game was to establish a college basketball presence in China so more Chinese players can attend US universities and go pro. Good luck at getting superstar players to cross the pacific for the lockout, now China. You were so well behaved for the Olympics, is this a racial thing? If you want the rest of the world to take you seriously and accept a view of a “benign China” this can NEVER happen again.

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