Know your Fiends

This is a community-based sports blog with multiple contributors from around the country:

Stephen M. Fiedler   (twitter: @seeitbelieveit)    Founder, Editor-at-Large, and Main Contributing Writer

Focuses on Boston area sports including the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots. Avid boxer, longboarder and basketball enthusiast.

Robert Kurtzman aka B-Kurtis (twitter: @robertkurtzman) Contributing Writer, Chicago/LA

Focuses on Chicago area sports including, Bears, Bulls and Cubs.

Ryan Hayman, Contributing Writer for “Hayman’s Hatorade”

Aka DJnaem.General Curmudgeon and Chief Advising Hater.

Hayden BD Miller (twitter: @gazedoface) Contributing Writer, New England/Colorado

Focuses on rock climbing, bouldering and hiking. Avid climber and basketball enthusiast.


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