It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yep, in less than 5 hours, football is back. Hallelujah! Words can’t do justice to the feeling of having the greatest show on turf back on TV, but maybe commercials can. Cue Steven Jackson:

The pomp, the circumstance. The brutal hits. The Endzone! Football is back baby.

Oh you want defense, well here you go, led by Mr. Clay “Beowulf” Matthews. “You see how that offense is trying to fool us!”:

So here’s tonight’s prediction: Saints over Green Bay 31-24. Drew Breezy throws for 400 plus yards and two TDs. Mark Ingram 60 yards and 2 touchdowns (he’s a vulture). Then again, I’m pretty, pretty biased. I would love to see Clay Matthews steam roll someone, just not my starting fantasy QB.

And just for the record, Hayman, football, like bacon, is AWESOME. Fact: both are amazing but terrible for your long-term health. Fact: both are enjoyed primarily on Sunday mornings/early afternoons. Fact: Both are all about the PIGSKIN!


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